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What is Techne?

Techne is a Greek word and the root of many of our English words today -- technique, technician, technical, and technology.  Its meaning is: 

Use of rational methods to accomplish a goal.


Who are we?

Katie Hutton -- Managing Consultant

Katie Hutton has worked over the past twenty years with both small and large organisations in New Zealand and the United States.  She has experience in New Zealand government departments, insurance, banking & financial services, accountancy, telecommunications, manufacturing, and healthcare.  She has a strong background in information technology implementation, service management, knowledge management, and business process improvement.

Contact: +64 21 968 048

Michael Hutton -- Director

Michael Hutton has over ten years experience in financial services.  He specialises in providing business financial services for the healthcare industry and other small-to-medium sized enterprises.

Contact: +64 27 249 0653

Golden Gate Bridge Construction (1933-1937)

Sometimes undertaking large and complex projects that have the power to change the way people work and live can be risky ventures and will often experience many obstacles. 

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal.  My strength lies solely in my tenacity.  Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

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