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Business Process Management (BPM) is a management technique for managing and improving an organisation's business processes with the goal to improve the organisations' agility and performance.

According to Gartner Analyst, Michael Melenovsky at ITXPO Sydney in November 2006:

It is a structured approach that employs methods, policies, metrics, management practices, and software tools to managed and continuously optimise an organisationís activities and processes. 


BPM is different than business process re-engineering (BPR), a management technique popular in the 1990's, in that BPR focuses on radical transformational change where BPM focuses on continuous improvement.



Web services and business process management

Author: F. Leymann, D. Roller, and M.-T. Schmidt

Abstract: Web services based on the service-oriented architecture framework provide a suitable technical foundation for making business processes accessible within enterprises and across enterprises. But to appropriately support dynamic business processes and their management, more is needed, namely, the ability to prescribe how Web services are used to implement activities within a business process, how business processes are represented as Web services, and also which business partners perform what parts of the actual business process. In this paper, the relationship between Web services and the management of business processes is worked out and presented in a tutorial-like manner.


Source: IBM Systems Journal, Volume 41, No. 2, 2002


Additional Information

BPM Group : The Global Business Process Management Community - est. 1992  
Association for Business Process Management Professionals  

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