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This section contains resources for managers on various topics of management such as leadership, strategic planning, culture, operational management, workforce planning and motivation, team building, and performance.
  Golden Gate Bridge Under Construction (1933-1937) All ideas start with a concept and plan.  Once those plans are put into action, you can see the evidence of your efforts.


The Demise of Cost and Profit Centers

Author:  Robert S. Kaplan

Abstract:  The Balanced Scorecard offers a previously unrecognized benefit: a new way of looking at the traditional organizational structure of cost and profit centers. Every unit, by contributing to effective strategy execution, has the opportunity to support and create profit. This capability has important implications for specifying objectives and evaluating the performance of all organizational units.


Source: HBS Working Knowledge, accessed on 24 January 2007

What If? The Art of Scenario Thinking for Nonprofits

Authors: Dianna Scearce & Katherine Fulton

Abstract: Scenario thinking is a tool for motivating people to challenge the status quo, or get better at doing so, by asking "What if?" Asking "What if?" in a disciplined way allows you to rehearse the possibilities of tomorrow, and then to take action today empowered by those provocations and insights. What if we are about to experience a revolutionary change that will bring new challenges for nonprofits? Or enter a risk-averse world of few gains, yet few losses? What if we experience a renaissance of social innovation? And, importantly, what if the future brings new and unforeseen opportunities or challenges for your organization? Will you be ready to act?


Source: GBN Global Business Network, July 2004, accessed on 27 January 2007


Additional Information

 Leadership Development Centre for Public Sector Leaders  

In this section, there are links to specific subject matter knowledge, ideas, and thoughts available in the public domain.  Techne Consulting provides these resources for your reading convenience and does not sponsor any of the authors or organisations or warranty any of the material contained therein.

These resources are here to share some others' thinking on relevant subject matters, provide food for thought, and to spark your ideas. 

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